Friday, September 28, 2012

The Time Has Come

Well, we leave tomorrow for Salt Lake City.  We will stay with Tom and Patti, Bob's son and wife, for a couple of nights and then to the MTC on Monday morning at 9:00.  We are starting to get a little nervous--not that we will not be able to do the work but that we are actually going to live in an unfamiliar country for a whole year.  I keep saying we can handle anything for a year, and I think that is true, but... We will spend a week in the MTC in Provo and then the next week we will be in Salt Lake for more specific training for the Perpetual Education Fund.  I am hoping to be able to see my sister, Marie and her husband, Greg in Salt Lake that week as they report for their mission in the Salt Lake City Family and Church History Mission 5 days after we report in Provo.

We are packing everything in two suitcases each.  That has been a big concern for me but now that it is almost done I think everything is going to fit okay.  I just hope we are packing the right things.  If it is cold in Utah I definitely will not have the right clothes as I am packing for warm to hot year round in Jamaica.  I am happy I will be able to go with out hose and will even be able to wear open toed sandals.  We were even advised to bring swim wear for preparation day outings.  This could be one of the biggest adventures of our lives!  Really though, we are very anxious to work with the Perpetual Education Fund.  It is such a wonderful program for helping make a real difference in the lives of many people.  I hope I will have lots of inspiring stories to share in the next few months.

More and hopefully better to come...

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  1. Glad you have this up and going. I finally was able to sign on to it and read all you have posted. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.