Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Catching up

I suspect this may be the title for most of my blogs as I seem to get involved in too many other things to be able to finish what I start.

I was talking in the last post about the trip Bob and I took which we both felt was one of the best we had ever had.  After the wedding we went to Vernal and Dinosaur National Monument which we really enjoyed. Then we took a nice drive down the center of Utah toward Moab.  We stopped on the way to visit Dead Horse Point Park and Canyon Lands National Park.  We got in a nice little hike here too which was hot but beautiful as it followed along the top of a beautiful canyon with the Colorado River snaking below.

We spent the night in Moab and then the next day hiking and taking pictures of about every rock formation in Arches National Park.  What a beautiful place.

We took a nice long hike out to Delicate Arch in the heat of the day and just about tired ourselves out too much for the rest of the beautiful things to see.  But it is a place you could return to many times.

From there we drove to Monument Valley in northern Arizona.  Again a most beautiful place!

While in Arizona we took a boat ride on Lake Powell out to see Rainbow Bridge.  I will not bore anyone with all the pictures I took from the boat.

We headed north after our wonderful day on Lake Powell.  We stayed a few days with our friends the Lows in Plane City Utah while we attended some really first quality musical productions in Logan.  We also got in a couple of golf games with Richard and Judy while we were there.  We left Utah and spent a couple of days with Linda and Lavern, Bob's sister, in Downey, Idaho; stopped for a while to see Brooklynn, Bob' s granddaughter and her family; and then again at my sister Marie's overnight before returning home.

I think some of the many reasons we felt like this was such a special trip was that we saw many family members, friends, lots of beautiful and interesting sights, four wonderful musical productions, did quite a bit of hiking, played golf, and attended four different temples besides. (Mt Timpanogas, Vernal, Montecello, and Logan).  We will remember this trip for a long time.

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  1. This blog is AWESOME (as are these pictures)!!! I'm so excited to follow all of your adventures. Love you guys!!!