Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where to start?

It is hard to know where to begin when you are beginning in the middle.  I guess since this is about me and Bob I will start with a brief history of our life together and leave to everyone's memories or imaginations our rich histories before we married.

Bob and I married in 2003 since that time we have been to the east coast five times, to Phoenix, Dallas, California, Idaho, and Utah multiple times visiting family and attending everything from baptisms, to weddings, to graduations, to family reunions, and just about any other type of family event you can think of.  We love our families and love to be with them all as often as possible.

We also love traveling so we have been on five cruises and multiple road trips.  Bob especially does not like to stay in one place for very long and he hates to miss a family event.  Even when we were on a mission in Toronto Canada we were able to travel around that part of Canada quite a bit on our time off.  We also loved visits from Rob and Steve and Regina and their kids as well as my niece Rachael and nephew Mike. And in Salt Lake City, while on our mission there we saw lots of football and basketball and baseball games, got together with family in Provo and hosted Bob's sister Linda and husband Lavern, as well as all my sisters for our annual Hen Party  Our life really does center around our families and serving in the Church.

In October this year we are going to Jamaica to serve a Perpetual Education Fund Mission.  I wanted to set up this blog as a means of communicating with friends and family at that time.  I hope it will serve that purpose and that those invited to share our blog will appreciate and be patient with my efforts.

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  1. Love you Tony! Can wait to hear about all your upcoming adventures!