Wednesday, November 7, 2012

People Make a Difference

 This is Brother Bennie Lilly.  He works for the Church in the Dominican Republic.  He is the Area Director of Welfare.  He is one of the people directing our work.

This is the chapel for the Constant Spring and Boulevard Branches where we meet.  You cannot see that there are about a dozen ceiling fans going with the air conditioning.  I am standing in the doorway of the "overflow" area to take the picture--it did not have air conditioning when we met in there for Relief Society and the keyboard recital mentioned earlier!

This is the chapel again just before the baptism of Bro Banhan.  The benches are not padded but that is better in the heat.

This is Elder and Sister Whitehead who were really great Humanitarian Missionaries.  They did projects providing chickens for people to raise for eggs or broilers for income, also goats, pigs, gardens and I don't know what else.  They were really hard workers. They know Bob's sister Linda in Downey, Idaho.

This is Elder Larsen with Bob and Elder Whitehead. Elder and Sister Larsen were our mentors when we arrived and have become very good friends.

People always laughed when they read Elder Whitehead's name tag and looked at his white hair.

This is Pres Medley and his wife.  He is the Spanish Town District President which Kingston is a part of.  He is a character as you can see he is wearing his daughter's head band with the flower.  His great goal is to make his district a stake.

Back:  Elder Evans, Office & Branch President at Yallahs Branch; Elder & Sis Pugmire, PEF; Elder & Sis Larsen, Member/Leader Support; Elder & Sis Murdock, replacing Whiteheads as Humanitarian Missionaries; Pres & Sis Hendricks, Mission President; Elder & Sis Wright, Seminaries and Institute and PEF. Front:  Elder & Sis Mortensen, MLS; Sister Evans, Office; Elder & Sis Whitehead, Humanitarian; Floor:  Elder & Sis Smith, MLS & he is District Patriarch.

Sisters Evans, Larsen & Whitehead.  They also served together in their last missions in Guyana.  It was a much harder mission--Elder and Sis Evans even spent a night in a horrible jail.

We were waiting for Bro Lilly at his Hotel, the Terra Nova.  It was so pretty I had to take pictures.  These are all in the lobby.

I wanted to include some pictures of some of the people that we are meeting who I think will have an influence on our enjoyment of our mission as well as some of the miscellaneous nice pictures.

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