Friday, October 12, 2012

On Our Way to Jamaica

We finished up our Perpetual Education Fund training in Salt Lake City today, went to dinner with Karen, Eric, Zach and Natalie, came back to the Missionary Training Center and spent the evening packing.  With the carry-on bag we bought (which I filled with books) we got all our bags down under the weight limit--as a matter of fact the carry-on is almost as heavy as the others.  But we are resting now before we go to bed so I thought I would make a small comment on our experience.

We loved being at the MTC learning how to teach the gospel to people not of our faith.  It was so inspirational to be taught by young returned missionaries and to actually study and teach what we believe and love so much.  Monday we had a little change up and spent the day learning to teach young members of the Church from the scriptures.  I loved the approach they taught and plan to use it as I study the scriptures and if I ever have to prepare lessons or even talks.

Tuesday through Friday we drove to Salt Lake City every day for training in the Perpetual Education Fund.  What a wonderful inspired program!  We learned a lot about the technology used to track kids and the program and we were amazed at what a huge program it is.  Not just that it has now served about 58,000 students but that the organization to provide all these services is so huge.

There is so much more I wish I could explain but suffice it to say we are amazed, thrilled, and totally re-converted to the idea of helping raise people out of poverty by helping them find jobs and education.  I will write more as I am able.

We had a nice surprise this morning on our way to breakfast--we ran into Sister Clair Haynie.  I knew she was coming in to the MTC on Wednesday and had been looking for her but it  was still a pleasant surprise this morning.  So fun to see people you know in such an environment!

One final note:  we were able to have dinner with Marie and Greg (Elder and Sister LeBaron) one evening in SLC.  That was fun to see them as missionaries.  Then we snuck into the training lab while they were working and got another 3 minute visit.  They will be wonderful as Family History missionaries. 

We are on our way in the morning.  We will first go to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for a few days of local training then on to Kingston Jamaica!

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  1. Oh I love this picture!!! Hope you guys are well! xoxo